As a photographer, my work is a fusion of inspirations drawn from great photographers of the past and the contemporary world.
Through my portraits, I strive to capture the authenticity of individuals, influenced by the emotional depth of Dorothea Lange. In still life and art projects, I find inspiration from Martine Franck, conveying the beauty of simplicity and the power of objects. Social photography led me to follow in the footsteps of Graciela Iturbide, documenting traditions and cultures with respect and sensitivity.
In street photography, I seek spontaneity and energy, taking inspiration from Daidō Moriyama. Exploring cultural differences, I draw inspiration from Cristina García Rodero to create ethnic photos that celebrate human diversity. Like Frederick Evans, I enjoy playing with identities and perspectives in secular and religious architecture.
My goal is to capture the minds of viewers and to share stories and fragments that last forever.